Our customers

Across the UK, we provide products that support a wide range of customers, allowing you to make the most of your business savings. We pride ourselves on delivering a level of customer service that builds lasting relationships and merits recommendation.

UK businesses

UK Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) are at the core of our business. We keep our savings products straightforward and easy to operate, offering you a secure home to grow your business cash reserves.

uk businesses

Trusts, associations and charities

We know that your savings are important to your organisation. Our regular fixed term deposits and sterling notice accounts that we offer from time to time, are available to provide you with the flexibility and choice of savings products that you require.

Trusts, associations and charities

Financial institutions

Our strong credit ratings provide you with the comfort to know that your funds are held with a reputable and secure deposit taker. We offer a range of short and long term deposits, so whether you are a bank, building society or credit union, we have a business savings solution for you.


Financial institutions

Educational institutions

Whether you are a university looking to receive favourable returns on periodic grant money, or a secondary school planning for a capital investment, we have a savings product to meet your needs.

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